Cascade Xpress Carwash Services

Carwash Services: Car in rapid tunnel carwash with soft brushes

Carwash Services and Amenities

Why Choose Cascade Xpress Carwash in Durango, CO?

  1. Full-service carwash with Free self-vacuum
  2. Fast, full-length (120‘), fully automated tunnel carwash
  3. Unlimited carwash plans
  4. 13 Free car vacuum bays and Free automated car mat washes
  5. Top of the line brushes wash your car while protecting your paint.
  6. Can wash tall cars and trucks up to 7’ 2” tall.
  7. Locally owned and operated
  8. Friendly, experienced staff always on site to help.
  9. Energy efficient dryers
  10. Eco-friendly water reclamation technology
  11. Non-hazardous cleaning products
  12. We sell air fresheners, wet towels & Armor All.
  13. Convenient Vending machines with car wash items, snacks & soft drinks.
  14. Gift cards available

Durango Car Care: Our Carwash Services

What is a carwash Bug prep?

Bug prep applies a cleaning solution to the front of your car (bumper, grill, windshield, mirrors) to help remove dead bugs.

What is a carwash presoak?

A presoak applies a solution before the car washing process begins. These solutions are either low pH or high pH. Acidic (high pH), and base (low pH) solutions remove different types of pollutants from your car or truck.

What are the benefits of a High pH presoak?

High pH presoaks (pH of 8-14) remove organic substances such as road grime, bugs, and bird droppings.

What are the benefits of a Low pH presoak?

Low pH presoaks (pH 1-6) remove inorganic substances such as salt, and rust.

What is a carwash Foam Bath?

Foam clings to your car longer than soap, so it produces a cleaner and more polished result. 

What is a carwash Tri-Foam Bath?

Three different foams wash away dirt and condition the paint in prep for wax and other protective coatings.

Why clean your car’s wheels and tires?

Removes the brake dust that settles into the wheels, hubcaps, and black rubber of the tires.

Why wash the undercarriage of your car?

Most of the undercarriage is exposed to the road. It’s more vulnerable to dirt, salt, sand, rocks, and potholes. Regularly rinsing off the salt and road grime that has settled into the crevices underneath the car will help prevent damage.

What is a high-pressure rinse?

High pressure spray gets into the crevices of the car and thoroughly removes dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas.

What is a spot free rinse?

This rinse sprays your car with treated water that has had all spot-producing solids and other particles filtered out. It produces a spot-free clean.

Benefits of our protective coatings:

What is car Clear coat?

A synthetic plastic polymer that is lightweight and dries to a hard finish. A thin, glossy layer is applied to protect the car’s paint and headlights from UV ray damage and other pollutants.

What is car Ceramic Coating?

A solution derived from silicon dioxide, a hard mineral. It dries extremely hard and adds a durable protective layer against moisture, UV rays, salt, bird droppings and scratches.

What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba wax is an organic wax product causing water to roll off the surface of the car’s paint to protect it from the sun and other debris. This protective barrier produces an amazing shine and deepens the car’s paint color.

What is a carwash Power dry?

Dryers blow air all over the car pushing water off to avoid streaks during the drying process.

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