Benefits of Washing Your Car Regularly

car in tunnel carwash getting a quick wash foam bath

Washing your car frequently is as important to your car as regular maintenance check-ups.

As car prices soar, people are keeping their cars longer, so getting regular maintenance is crucial for your car to run smoothy and safely: fill the gas tank, check fluid levels, air filter, tire pressure and treads, lights, brakes, oil and filter changes.

Regular maintenance isn’t always convenient or inexpensive, but you protect your investment to prevent much more expensive, and usually unexpected, repairs down the road.

Along with visiting your mechanic every 3,000 miles, there’s another business you need to visit regularly to protect and maintain your investment…

…your local carwash.

Why is washing your car so important?

The exterior of your car takes a beating.

How bad of a beating depends on where you live, where you drive, and where you park.

Frequent car washes can be the first line of defense to protect the exterior, the interior, and the undercarriage.

Waxing your car adds another line of defense.

6 Reasons to Wash Your Car Regularly

1. Protects paint from fading and discoloration

UV rays fade the paint making it susceptible to rust.

And, the fading doesn’t happen evenly, which causes patches of discoloration that look like your car is peeling from a sunburn—because it is.

2. Prevents rust and corrosion

Road Salt, in snowy climates, makes driving safer.

But it causes corrosion to your car, especially the exposed undercarriage where many vital parts of your car are located.

And if you live near the ocean then the salt air can also contribute to corrosion.

Rust can be metal’s worst enemy.

And since your car is constructed of a whole lot of metal, keeping it clean and dry is crucial in protecting its structural integrity.

3. Improves visibility

Cleaning your car protects you and your passengers by keeping the windows and mirrors clear making it easier to see.

Sun glare through a dirty windshield is blinding, and a film of dirt on your side mirrors can make your blind spot even more dangerous.

4. Removes environmental debris that cause spots and scratches

Let’s not forget the dust, pollen, road grime, dried bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, rain, snow and other debris your car is exposed to.

All of which cause spots, scratches, and a dirty film if not removed.

The more you drive, the more your car is exposed to all these damaging elements.

Also, using rubber floor mats can prevent water collecting, seeping through the carpet, and creating rust from the inside out.

5. Saves money and fuel

Protecting your car’s exterior and undercarriage against rust and corrosion can avoid damage that could lead to costly repairs.

Also, a clean car is more aerodynamic and therefore more fuel efficient.

Debris accumulation can cause the engine to run hotter, causing your vehicle to consume more fuel, so vacuum under the hood to remove leaves and other debris from the around the engine.

6. Preserve the value of your investment

A well-maintained car will serve you longer and maintain its value more than one that’s been neglected.

It’s worth noting that the appearance of the car is also a deciding factor in the resale value. Washing your car regularly helps maintain your investment inside and out.

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